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Helpful Guidelines for Parents

By August 26, 2021No Comments

1.Public Health have published an excellent poster to advise parents sending children back to school next week.

Please click here to view the posters.

2. The DES/HSE have released an updated list of symptoms of Coronavirus to include those of the Delta Variant.

Please click here to read this information.


3.Please read the following points before bringing your child to school next week.


  • If any pupil or member of her family is awaiting a result of a Covid test, she must not attend school. This also applies to staff members

  • If your daughter or a member of her family is unwell or displaying any symptoms, please err on the side of caution and keep her at home.

  • Please follow public health advice not to congregate at the school gates or to organise play dates.

  • Remember to wear a mask and to socially distance while collecting children at the gates or if you need to enter the school grounds.

  • We ask that you only collect your child early if it is absolutely essential. Please email the school office and the class teacher the day before to give details of collection time. Telephone the school when you arrive to collect your child and your daughter will be brought out to you.