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Master Chefs in Le Chéile

This week we are cooking up a storm. So far we made pancakes and Mat Man fruit faces.

Let’s Get Messy!

Daisy’s Birthday

Yet another June birthday in Le Chéile! For Daisy’s birthday we went on a mystery tour to Togher Park! We had a picnic and even had icecreams!

When we came back we had a fabulous party for the birthday girl.

Then we went out to the garden to play some messy games!

School Sports Day

The girls in 6th class did an incredible job of organising our school sports day. We competed in an egg and spoon race, sprinting, relays, 3 legged race, obstacle course, water games and the parachute. It was a terrific day. What better way to end it that with a visit from the ice cream van!

Orange and Carrot salad

We love Hazel’s yummy recipe! This week it was an orange and carrot salad. Delicious!

Maria’s Birthday

Happy Birthday Maria! We got food delivered form our friends in Super Valu. Isn’t that the most beautiful cake you have ever seen!

Sarah’s Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sarah! We had so much fun celebrating. We all had beautiful hairstyles for the occasion, styled in our very own Le Chéile Beauty Salon. Eleanor surprised us with a pinata 🙂

Ballincollig Regional Park

This Friday is Sarah’s birthday. This morning we came up with a plan to celebrate. We had the fantastic idea of going on a trip to Ballincollig Regional Park on the Garda Bus! Luckily, Garda Kate’s friends Garda Danielle and Garda David were available to take us. They arrived with not one but 2 busses! We walked through the fairy trail, had a picnic and played in the playground.

On the way back to school bus no. 2 picked up pizzas from Apache. What better way to end a day than a pizza party on the picnic benches.


We were back out for more gardening today. We have been looking after our seedlings in the classroom for the last few weeks. Today we planted them in the Fairy Garden. We watered the rest of the plants and added some decorations. Watch this Space!

Garda and Princess Party

Today we had a Zoom call with Ciara from RSA. We talked about all of the rules of the road. Of course, we knew them all already from our Walk on Wednesday. She taught us the 3 B’s to be safe in the car; Backseat, Booster and Belt On!

You might notice that we are dressed up as Princesses and Gardaí in those photos. That is because we joined the Infants in their disco outside! They even kindly shared a pizza with us.


Today we had a great surprise in the magic box. PANCAKES!!!! We all took turns to put on our favourite toppings: strawberries, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, bananas and of course, sprinkles. They were delicious!

Green Fingers


We practiced our gluing with strips of paper. We kept them in straight lines. Then we cut them out into lots of different shapes.

Pizza Picnic

Today was our turn to have a picnic on our fabulous new benches. We spotted Liam painting them recently and couldn’t wait to have out turn. We had pizza and treats, it was a lovely surprise.

Spring is Here

We had so much fun doing our Spring Hunt Checklist. We found lots of signs of spring all around our school garden.

Easter Egg Hunt

Hazel’s tricky Easter Bunny stole all her chocolate! Lucky for us, he hid them in our Fairy Garden. We got lots of chocolate to share with our families.

World Down Syndrome Day

On Thursday, 25th March we took part in the Lots of Socks Campaign in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. Molly had a very busy job, collecting donations from all the classes. Her arms were very tired by the end of it, the box was full of generous donations. Thanks to everyone for getting involved.

Breakfast Club

Before Christmas we spent a lot of time pouring lentils and water to prepare ourselves to make our own bowl of cereal. We had so much fun making Rice Krispies, not a drop of milk was spilled!


Last week we made Frozen cupcakes. We mixed the ingredients and decorated them so beautifully. Check out our finished product.

St. Patrick’s Day

We had so much fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Everyone came to school dressed head to toe in GREEN

We did Art, made funny potato heads, danced with Avril and learned the letter ‘s’. Of course, no celebration would be complete without a Zoom call to Hazel. However, I think she got a little bit mixed up with her occasions and turned up dressed as a snowman!

March Birthdays

March is a busy month in Le Chéile with lots of birthdays to celebrate. First, we had a party for Martyna. Hazel was super excited to get dressed up for the party, but she lost one of her favourite shoes! Oh no. She sent the boys and girls of Le Chéile on a scavenger hunt.

Our first task was to follow the red buttons

Along the way we were bouncing balls, balancing bean bags and rolling hoops. We even found treats!

Guess who had stolen the shoe! Bean Mhic was hiding it in her room. Well done everyone, we solved the mystery.


We can’t forget the cake! Happy Birthday Martyna

In March it is also Hazel’s birthday 🙂  SHE surprised US with McDonald’s! We weren’t too impressed when she started throwing smelly socks at us, but we quickly forgave her when we saw the Happy Meals at the bottom of the clothes basket. Thank you Hazel!

Happy Birthday Hazel

Welcome Back

We are all so delighted to be back together at school, young and not so young. It was a long time not to see our friends, but it was lovely to spend time with our families and we are all back to school safe and sound. Teacher Eimear, Eleanor and Hazel would like to express a sincere thank you to all of the children and their families who welcomed us to their homes virtually during lockdown. We have so many stories of time spent with our families.


It was tough to keep up with these busy families, here is just a little taste of how we spent the summer. We were making fairy gardens, baking cookies, making pizzas, barbecues galore, swimming in the back garden, camping in Garretstown, Wicklow, Waterford, Tipperary, Dingle and Mizen Head. There was surfing in Garretstown, cycling all over the country, chasing Fungi in Dingle, horse riding in Belfast, getting buried in the sand, swimming at the beach. That is only a taste of our summer.

Sooooooooo HERE WE GO


SCHOOL YEAR 2020/2021

Balancing Act.

We practice our OT balancing down in Lima lawn.


Happy  Birthday Muireann 


Happy retirement Finbarr.

We wish our very Happy Postman all the best for the future, and thank him for delivering so many letters to us over the years.

Speech And Drama 

Outdoor Venue

Avril our Speech and Drama Teacher is put through her paces.

P.E Class Demo for 4th class.

Making Shapes

We’re keeping with the tradition of looking after our stomachs. We made shapes using vegetable fingers. Squares and triangles were the order of the day.

Safe Cycling 

Thanks to Liam for fixing our bikes raising saddles, pumping tyres, etc.

Hot Chocolate

As the winter mornings get colder it is lovely to have a surprise of hot chocolate when you come in from yard.


Life Skills

In Rang Le Cheile we like our outings to the shops, restaurants, cinema. trips with Garda Kate, trips on the train . But sadly covid 19 has curtailed a lot of our outings, so while we are waiting to get back to normal we are ploughing on with life skills in school. We  love Toasty Tuesday where our children get their own knife, plate and butter. It is fantastic to see how their skill of buttering has come on with practice.

As you can see from the photos below Teacher Eimear has become very untidy spilling lentils everywhere. It is the children’s job to brush them up into a square marked out on the floor.


Talented Thursday

A fantastic display of Hula Hoop, followed by a wonderful dance display of Shoe the Donkey.

Bird Feeder

Now that winter has arrived it is time to look after all the beautiful birds that visit our school gardens. We got a new bird feeder. Thanks so much to Liam for helping us to put it up.

Autumn to Winter


Our Tree in September

Our Tree in November

See the difference ?????


We had such a lovely day, we started with Halloween games and songs. The highlight of the day was a video call from Garda Kate. We had a virtual visit from the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress.Then we took part in the Halloween Parade. We met dinosaurs ,elephants spooky witches and scary ghost. Back to class for a cool party.

Talented Thursday

Teacher taught us how to dance to Shoe the Donkey.


Halloween Art

Alphabet Potatoes

Our potatoes look very nice

Oh No…. Hazel tripped and the names got mixed up. Luckily, the children were able to spell their names and fix the problem.



Post for Daisy

We were busy making cards for our friend Daisy, everyone at school misses her. COME BACK SOON DAISY.


Communion Day 2nd of October 2020


Walk on Wednesday

We decided to walk backwards for this Walk on Wednesday. (Apologies in advance for any changes in walking behaviours)

What a fantastic surprise we got when we returned from our walk on Wednesday (Backwards) McDonald’s!!!

Communion Party for Muireann

Messy Monday

What a fabulous Job Le Chéile did painting up Stones for our Fairy Garden, some serious digging was required in the vegetable patch also.



Art in Le Chéile


We began our Art this year with some crazy, funny Clowns! 


Busy at Work

First walk of Autumn

 For our First Walk on Wednesday

We drew a map and followed it from our school to the Post Box. We saw some beautiful Autumn leaves on the trees.


No Teacher Eimear, you can not climb the tree.


Messy Monday

…possibly our favourite day of all.


Happy Birthday Daniel

The best baking after home baking is of course school baking.



Fun On Friday

Cake decorating, just another skill.


Ball Skills

It is brilliant to see the progress from our daily practice.

We are working on our ball skills; bouncing, catching & throwing.


All this ball play would make you hungry.



Thanks to Muireann for bringing popcorn to share with her friends.


Messy Monday


Toasty Tuesday


A Party for Denis

We decided to throw a surprise party for Denis (one of our taxi drivers) who has retired. Denis has brought children to and from Le Chéile for the past 5 years, never missing a day. Denis has been a Gentleman to deal with and will be missed by adults and children alike.

The gang had a look at the Fairy Garden and decided to brighten it up. They made some decorations. Eleanor and Muireann did a bit of DIY on the table for the party. Denis was delighted with all the cards the children made.


DIY was called for and Eleanor and Muireann jumped to action.

We are forever blowing bubbles.



We are busy working on the skill of pouring.  We are filling water and lentils up to a line in a container. Our next step will be pouring cereal and milk to certain lines in a bowl.


Walk on Wednesday

We had a fantastic walk on Wednesday to Togher Park. We had lots of fun.



Bicycle Skills


School year 2019/2020

Activities for school closure – March 30th – April 3rd

Please keep in touch! [email protected]

Play Theme Suggestions: At the Bakery, Flower Shop, Caring for Babies

Wash Hands: Sing chorus of Wagon Wheel (“Rock me Mama”) while you wash.

Oral Language

Chat about pictures > Class News > Rang Le Chéile

Tell your news every day. Listen to others. Ask and answer questions

Record a video “All About Me” (age, hair and eye colour, live, class, etc.)

Record a video “My Favourite Things”

Record a video “My Bedroom”

Keep Active!

Body Coach on YouTube (PE lessons online at 9am)

Make a trail (lego pieces, plastic cups, etc.) and hide something at the end

Musical Statues

Relay Races – Jigsaw relay (collect one piece at a time)

Go Noodle (Online)

Cosmic Yoga (YouTube)

Balloon or ball games

Walk and jump along a line

Writing Skills


Trace around your hand, other hands

Draw a line with a ruler

Mat Man songs (YouTube)


Reading Skills

Listen to a story

Make up a story using pictures

Answer and ask questions about story and pictures


ilslearning on Instagram (lovely fine and gross motor activities)

OT Toolbox on Instagram


5 Minute Crafts (YouTube)


Cookery (try recreating recipes from our blog page)

Play Doh

Turn Taking Games

Cards – pairs and snap

Online and Apps

ABCya! (Pre-K – Skill Games)

We love – Dress for the Weather, Colour and Shape Bingo,

Monster Mansion Match, Make a Face, Build a House

Injini (app)

Starfall (app and online)

Button Board (app)

Twinkl (free resources)

StoryLine Online (celebrities reading lovely stories)


We would like to begin our school year by wishing our lovely friend Grace all the very best as she begins a new chapter in secondary school.


So here we are once again. We are all well rested after all our travels over the summer, this year we have visited with our families  Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, London, Poland, Lanzarote, and Tralee.

We are delighted to welcome our lovely new friend Molly Ann.

We have plenty of plans for the months ahead.  Lots of learning, lots of exploring, lots of mystery tours, but most of all lots of friendship and fun.


Happy New Year from everyone in Le Chéile.


March Birthdays

Surprise………Happy Birthday Ms. Houlihan

We thought this was going to be a short speech.

Happy Birthday Martyna

We began our day with a beans on toast breakfast .

We then had a surprise party. Lots of friends dropped in to say Hi .

A visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital .

We were delighted to meet all the wonderful Student Doctors at UCC yesterday.

MollyAnn’s Teddy tried to escape as we made our way to The college.

 Happy Birthday Teacher!

Rugby Stickers

We are trying very hard to win €50,000 for our school.

Happy Pancake Tuesday!

Winding down to Mid-Term with a trip on Garda Bus for breakfast followed with a surprise visit to the Cinema.

Valentine’s Day is always a busy time in Le Chéile.

Pizza time in LeChéile

Cookery in Le Chéile.

We got all our supplies on our shopping trip this week. On Wednesday we made beans on toast. On Thursday we made ham and cheese omelettes.

Beans on Toast.



Thanks to our friend Angela for letting us scan our items at her checkout.


Our first outing of 2020.

A nature walk to the Lough.


The fairy Garden in winter.


Well done Muireann.

Muireann was awarded a Trophy , while her horse Flash received a Rosette.

Storytime  in Le Chéile.

Art Projects.









Santa’s Workshop.


Beauty Parlour Christmas rush

Liam made a late booking ,we did our best to get him ready for the festive season.


Cake Sale

Daisy lou’s  Aunt very kindly baked for the school Bazzar. Daisy set up a cake stall and made €26.50 for Parents Association


Our Nativity

It’s a busy time for the Inn Keepers, not an Airbnb in sight! Well done Muireann.


Muireann delivered Christmas pencils to her friends in Ms. Clune’s Class.


Molly Ann delivered Christmas pencils to her friends in Ms.O’Donovans Junior Infants.


Garda Kate (Togher Garda Station) came for a Christmas visit laden down with presents for her friends in Le Chéile.

How Lucky for Garda Kate , she got a private ukulele performance.


Santa visited the playschool and decided to pop into Le Chéile for a quick visit.


Santa comes to the school hall.

We had a great sing song with Santa. Molly Ann sang with Junior Infants in the Christmas Show.


Our Annual Trip To Wilton S.C.

Once again we would like to thank Mr. Paul Whealan for organising a lovely trip to Wilton Shopping Centre. On arrival, Paul gave everyone a bag of goodies. Into Santa we went, and he was so happy with the card we made for him. He gave us gifts and we sang a song with him. We made our way to Penneys to buy fluffy socks, and worked up such an appetite that we had to go to Hi Cafe for lunch.


 Aistear .

The Elves and the Shoemaker.


French Toast

We made French Toast using Panattone. YUM YUM!


 Naughty Elves

Some very naughty Elves came to visit our school this year, including the two Junior Infant teachers.


A trip to Douglas Court Shopping Centre

We  had great fun on our day out. We got the bus all the way to Douglas. We met the dogs from Canine Companions, took a ride in Santa’s sleigh, and of course, made a stop in McDonald’s.



Learning through play

Le Chéile Hair & Beauty

We were learning and playing at the Beauty Salon. We needed some help getting ready for Christmas Party Season.

We got our lovely UCC Student Mel ready for her return to Tipperary in December.

Looking good, Teacher Eimear!!!!!!!!


Please note, no teacher or student were injured (badly) in this activity. Eleanor and Hazel are not in the photos, as no amount of work would help.



We spent the month of October on the theme of the Supermarket. We went on a trip to Super Valu, Togher this week. We bought ingredients to make more omelettes.



Eleanor we said come dressed as a BAT!!!!


Pupil of the week in Ms.O’Donovans’Class


Lego Club


Autumn Outing

Thanks to  Garda Kate {Togher Station } and Garda Mairead {Bishopstown Station). For bringing us on our Halloween outing to McDonalds.


Omelette Making.

Starting our day with a healthy Omelette.


Mat Man.

Getting behind our Boys in Green.

World Cup Rugby



Nature Walk to the Lough.

Well done to all the children in Le Chéile who raised a lot of money for IT for the School. Thanks to Garda Kate McCarthy who organised for Garda Ronan McGuckin to cross all Of Le Chéile ,plus 250 of their friends across the road at the Lough.



Happy Birthday Daniel.

Last Friday we went on a Mystery Tour to celebrate Daniel’s Birthday.

We began by taking the bus to the city centre. We had a little walk around . We then went to McDonalds , where lots of happy people had lots of Happy Meals.

Our next stop was Dealz where we all got new toothbrushes. Dental hygeine is very important in Le Chéile .

Back to school for some lovely chocolate Birthday Cake .  {The toothbrushes came in handy.}

Puppet Show .

O. T . Fun


 First Trip to Fota for this school year.

Learning to play the Bongo Drums


Fun with Ms.Clune’s 2nd Class

We joined in the fun of Rock and Roll Music. There were some very strange moves by the adults.



Dancing in the Halla with Ms. Sparling’s Class.


Making lovely Chocolate Cake.

Happy Birthday Molly Ann



School Year 2018/2019


Fun in the sun


Caretaker of the year 2019

(Better luck next year Liam)

Communion Class 2019

& a visit to the Poor Clares.





A visit to Grace’s house

Thanks to Grace’s Mom and Granny for having us around for Lunch.

Our Annual Gold Rush


Fun on the Air Track

We had a Fantastic time in the Yard when our Gymnastics teacher Dan brought an Air Track to school.


Chalk Shadows

It was such a beautiful, sunny morning. We took the opportunity to go outside and explore our shadows. We stood very still and drew around our shadows with chalk. Then we tried to fit into each other’s shadows! It was so much fun.

Amber Flag

We are hoping that our school will be awarded an Amber Flag for Mental Health Awareness. In order to do this we will have various events. Our first job is to make Amber bunting. Every Class will draw what makes them happy on the flags. First, they muct be given the orange card. This job seems to big, it will never be done! The WHOLE SCHOOL! Who could we call ?


Next, an Odd Sock Day .





Has anyone seen Hazel’s Smelly Socks?



Purple Day.

To celebrate World Downs Syndrome day, staff and children were invited to wear purple to school and make a donation to Downs Syndrome Cork. AS usual everyone raided their wardrobe and their pockets for a very successful event.


Spring is Here.

Time to bring the Bikes out of the shed and knock off the cobwebs.

Come on Eleanor!!!! Time to give the bike back to the children now.

Grace’s Birthday.

In case Parade’s and concerts were not enough,we then began Graces Birthday celebrations. We were delighted to welcome the girl’s from 6th Class for a bit of song and dance. And guess what more Cake!!!!!!(Hazel will be thrown out of slimming Wold by Lynda Deady).

St. Patrick’s Day.

We all looked Fab dressed in our Green White and Gold .

We started our day with a trip to Junior Infants to see how our friends looked in their fancy outfits. We followed that with our St. Patricks day parade and then we had a St Patrick’s  Concert in the Halla.

A Mystery Tour.

On Tuesday 13th  of March we headed off from school. We took bus 205 and went for a little walk when we left the Bus . We came upon a few shops and decided to go see if we could get a cup of Tea there and have a sit down . We found a place called Little Rebels , this sounds just right for us. We went inside and when the man opened the door for us we couldn’t believe our eyes. An indoor play area just for us.It was fab , two more buses and we arrived back in school.

International Women’s Day.

We were delighted to Welcome MS. Murphy and her girls to Rang Le  Cheile. We had a bit of a party and a dance.  Hazel had ANOTHER birthday so cake on the lunch menu.

Happy Birthday Martyna.

Shopping for Pancakes.

A visit to the Teddy Bear Hospital.


Fair Trade Shopping.

Once again Rang Le Cheile have stepped in to help out the school.  The green school team are checking out Fair Trade in our local shops. Who better than Rang Le Cheile to go shopping.

 A trip to town .

We went on a Mystery Tour to town. We went on the local bus. Our first stop was Cork City Library where we read some lovely books. Our next stop was the English Market, (we thought there was something fishy about that place ).  We went on a food hunt and found lots of interesting and unusual things to eat. We rambled along St. Patricks Street, popped into M&S to congratulate The Manager (looks familiar) and staff on their 30 years in Cork. All of this meeting and greating has given us an appetite! We went in search of somewhere to eat, as luck would have it Muireann and Daniel found a McDonalds for us. Tummies full, we headed back to school.


Getting a bit of practice in . Who knows maybe George Ezra may need a support act.

Speech and Drama with Avril.

We  love our Speech and Drama class with Avril every Wednesday.

Happy Chinese New year.

We enjoyed the Noodles and making Chinese lanterns.

   A Trip to Mango.

We were delighted to bring Muireann down to Mango for her first visit with us.

Friendship Week.

We were delighted to join all our friends throughout the school for friendship day in the Halla. We proudly displayed our Art Work.


Valentines Day.

Soooooo many Valentines for our Families. Then a trip to the post box.


The Magic Box

It is great fun when teacher brings the Magic Box to circle time. We were delighted to find the ingredients for Breakfast Muffins today.


Scooting off to the kitchen for recipe.


Breakfast Muffins.


Aistear Resturant.


Aistear Shoe Shop.

Daniel has a difficult customer here!!


Winter in LE CHÉILE.

Teacher Eimear and Eleanor are wheeled out of the room. They are being very unfair. ( They want to do some work.) All teachers and our principal were invited to Le Chéile for New Year wishes. However, on their arrival they were suddenly hit by many snowballs. These kids are too tricky.


Beauty Salon

Busy time in Le Cheile so many appointments in this beauty parlour (These adults are very demanding).


A visit to Douglas Library and Our favourite pancakes in 12 Tables.

We took the bus from school to Douglas. We had a lovely breakfast and then went to visit the library.


Christmas in Le Chéile

As with everything we do in Le Chéile, Christmas time was packed with activities, fun and laughter. So much to do so little time……….(next year we might get started in October for Christmas.)  Below are just a few photos. We visited Douglas Court Shopping Centre and Tesco Shopping Centre, Douglas. We went to Wilton Shopping Centre for our Annual trip to Santa where as usual Paul Wheelan (Manager) made us feel most welcome. We had our trip to Penneys and Hi Cafe.

We also had  Santa visit us when he went to the Playschool, thanks to all who organised that.  A few days later, Santa came back for another visit to the Halla. We sang a few songs for him. We also provided the sound affects for the Infant production of A Snowman At Sunset. Daniel and Sarah were the best Inn Keepers ever in the Nativity at The Lough Church (loved the hair gel, Dan.)

We also managed to fit in two or three breakfasts. Finally, thanks to  our parents for all the support they give our children and staff, thanks to our Principal Lorraine who gives us the credit card, and finally a Big Thanks to Garda Tony for our trips on the Bus.






A trip to Douglas.


Last Monday we went on an adventure to Douglas Village .

We went on the 206 bus .

In Tesco Shopping Centre , we counted Christmas Trees . We also met one of the three little pigs.

We then went on to Douglas Court Shopping Centre and there too its starting to look a lot like Christmas.

With all our shopping done , we decided it was time for lunch. We decided to go visit Mc Donalds Restaurant where we forced ourselves to have a Happy Meal.


 Credit union Art Competition.

We worked very hard on our ideas, put a lot of effort in to our work.  We then delivered our work to the Lough Credit Union.


Happy Halloween

Once again Halloween was brilliant in Glasheen School with a combination of spooky Gardens Trick or Treat Aistear with Ms O’ Donovan’s Class, and



Skipping Workshop.

Check out all our new skipping moves.


Fun in the Classroom.

Class Photo’s

Having fun with the The Peanut Ball, Bubbles, The interactive whiteboard and lots more….. Including a fantastic Puppet show.


A trip to Maxol.

We bought lovely food at our Local Maxol Petrol Station.

We then went for a picnic in the nearby park.  We collected a lot of Autumn Leaves on our walk. We Jumped in the leaves and had lots of fun.



Happy Birthday Daniel.


A Trip to Cobh.

We began our journey with a walk to the Bus Stop. We waited all day for the bus, according to some of our pupils.( 20 Minutes).

We arrived at the Kent Railway Station. where every one was very kind to us.  We met a Train Guard called Pat and the train driver was called Noel.  Noel allowed us to go into the drivers cab and check out the console.



Heritage Centre Cobh.



A very big Welcome to Ms. Eimear Fitzgerald, our new Class Teacher. We are delighted to Welcome her with her lovely smile and gentle nature.


Bicycle time in the yard.



Lord Mayor’s Visit

We had great fun today chatting with the Lord Mayor, Councillor Mick Finn when he came to visit our school.


Thanks to Finbarr, the Lord Mayors Driver who left us all have a turn in the drivers seat,


RSA visit

Thanks to Cathal from the Road Safety Authority, for calling in to remind us on road safety.


Heading off on the Garda bus on a  trip to Fota, with a quick stop at Bramley Lodge for breakfast.



Breakfast in Le Chéile.

We are very busy, cooking sausages and buttering toast.


A trip to the Playground.

Shopping in Lidl.

We  choose Sausages, Bread and Butter and Fruit. ( I think their might be a plan .)!!!!!!!!


We are delighted to welcome back our pupils for our school year 2017/2018. It is fantastic to be back and ready to start the school year ahead. We must begin by welcoming two new pupils to Le Chéile Isabel and Daisy Lou . We also want to wish our two past pupils Peter and Harry the very best of luck in their new schools. We will miss their fun and laughter in Le Chéile.

We are also delighted to welcome our new Principal Ms. Houlihan

Summer Salad

As  helpful as ever . Le Chéile are Happy to try the Salad made by the pupils in 6th Class.

Yummy !!!!!!


Last visit of the school year to Fota. We are on First name terms with some of the animals now.


Two players from the Cork City Football team came to visit our school today with their Silverware . The children from Le Chéile were delighted to stand in for a photo.

Our New Bikes

Thanks so much to Sixth Class for helping us get our Bikes out of the rapping and ready to Go.

Next Stop Tour De France.

We visited the sisters in the Poor Clare Convent today with pupils from 2nd Class.

Thanks to Spike O Sullivan for coming  to visit Le Chéile.

Gold Rush.

We made lots of Money for our School at the Gold rush.

We had a Ball at the Pirate and Princess Party.

Thank you Ms.O Donovan and Junior infants for inviting us.

Making the most of the good weather.We enjoyed Story time in our outside Classroom followed by Ice -Cream.


Great excitement as the Children in Le Chéile get their invitations to The pirate and princess Party.

Miss Cork Tara Marie Nolan visits Le Chéile .

Hazel relaxes with her friends in Le Chéile …………OOPS it is

Miss Cork Tara Marie Nolan ….(What a likeness)!!



The Birthday Party.

Thanks to all the Fundraising, we are delighted to work on our new I-Pads.


Culture Day.

Having Fun on Culture Day .

Isabel’s Confirmation Day.

We love a good Party…..

Breakfast at 12 Tables.



Spring Trip to Fota.

 Marathon .


Aistear Vet.


Le Chéile Tea Party.

Easter Egg Hunt.

The Easter Bunny left lots of Eggs in our schoolAi?? Yard.

Happy Birthday Grace.

Thanks to Graces Mom for buying us lovely cupcakes to celebrate Grace’s Birthday.


Teddy Bears Hospital.

Valentine Science.

Thanks to all our friends in school for showing us, and letting us take part in how different Science experiments work. We loved it.

Happy St. Valentines Day.

Pancake Breakfast at Mango.

New Games and Puzzles

for Le Chéile .

Thanks to Ms. Houlihan ….Who was more excited than the children with our new Games.

Scrambled Egg for Breakfast.

Kindness Week.

Rang Le Chéile , were delighted to win some prizes at the Kindness Week Ceremony in the Halla.


The Restaurant

Thanks to Ms.Murphy and Ms. O’ Donovan for inviting us to their Aistear Restaurant. We had a great time being chefs, waiters and customers in the Rainbow Restaurant.

Grandparents Day .

Eoin was delighted to see his Granny and Aunt at school today.

Credit Union Art Competition 2018.

Many thanks to the Parents and siblings of Le Chéile who came to St. Finbarrs Hurling and Football Club on Sunday 28th April.  Thanks also to the people at the Lough Credit Union for our Prize Money . We look forward to spending it.


From Everyone in Le Chéile.


Christmas in Le Chéile.

Santa comes to the Halla.

We had a great Sing-a-long with Santa.


Santa in Wilton

Thanks again to Garda Tony and Garda Deirdre for bringing us on the Garda Bus to Wilton Shopping centre.

All aboard the Garda Bus

Many Thanks once again to Mr.Paul Whelan for organisingour Annual trip to Wilton to visit Santa. Thanks again to the staff in the centre ,from the Information desk to Penneys to Barrys Photography and Hi Cafe. We were treated wonderfully by all .

Shopping for fluffy Socks in Penneys

All this Shopping made us very hungry.


The shoe shop

Thanks to Ms.O’Donovan,Paula and the girl’s of Junior Infants for inviting us to their classroom . We enjoyed being Sales Assistants and customers .


Toasting Le Chéile style.

Happy Halloween.

The Fairies sprinkled Magic Dust. Our Pumpkin Patch came alive with Pumpkins in a few minutes.

Now these three “NEW GIRL’S “look familiar.


Pizza Time

We enjoyed making Pizza to the sound of Dean Martins” AMORE.”


Ballincollig Regional Park.

Is it a bird?Is a Plane ?Oh no it’s ,,,,ELENOR

Where is Teacher gone?

Let me down Laura.

Faster Garda Tony


Delighted we brought sensible adults with us .

Thanks again Garda Tony and Ken.


Field of Dreams.

Many thanks to Ray and Brenda O’Callaghan for inviting Rang Le Chéile to the field of dreams in Curraheen and looking after us so well.

We were delighted with our visit . The Farm is amazing and truly inspirational .Many congratulations to all involved.

Fabulous Fruit Pot Friday.

What to choose !!!!!!

Liza helps Martyna to choose her toppings.

Daniel is delighted to meet Cara and Bola on this special day . Even more special as it was his Birthday.

Ai??The Lord Mayor comes to visit.

Having Fun in the Yard.

Really Teacher!!!!!!

Our first trip to Fota this year.

 Always time for a quick dance.

Our UCC student Laura, from Tipperary enjoys her first trip to Fota.

Feeding time for the Tigers.

A trip to the playground is always welcome.

We have seen enough ……we are off for lunch

Thanks again to Garda Tony and Garda Ken for bringing us to Fota.


Autumn Art Time in Le Chéile .

Alpha Bite breakfast in Le ChAi??ile.