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Baby chicks- all grown up!

By November 11, 2021No Comments

You may remember when Miss O’Reilly’s Third Class hatched out baby chicks last May and it was such an exciting experience for the whole school. Well now we are here with an update of what the chicks have been up to and what they look like now!

They are six months old and as you can see from the photos, they have grown into lovely hens and roosters of all different breeds. The cream coloured hens are ‘Buff Orpingtons, the dark brown ones are known as ‘Rhode Island Reds’ and the white and black hens are ‘Red Mottled Leghorns’.

They are living happily in county Limerick where they have an enclosure to roam around during the day and to keep them safe from any foxes or predators. At night they go into their warm cosy hen house where they sleep on straw. They usually huddle near each other for warmth. They will eat any fruit, veg or bread scraps that you are finished with but they are also fed ‘Layers Pellets’ which gives them all of the essential nutrients that they need. 

As a hen owner, it is very important to keep your hens healthy by making sure they have all of the food and water that they need. These hens will start to lay eggs themselves in the springtime but these eggs will be used for eating/baking as there is no rooster on the farm. More updates to follow!