Liosta na Leabhar  2019/2020.

Rang Vl

The following books are not available through Book Rental and must be purchased.

Gaeilge: Abair Liom H (Folens)

Irish/English Dictionary.

Mathematics: Master Your Maths 6 (CJ. Fallon)

Bearla: Oxford School Dictionary – Irish Edition (Edco)

Geography: Folens Irish Primary Atlas (if buying a new atlas).



Two 120 page copies;

eight 120 page A4 Memorandum copies;

four A4 Display Folders;

colouring pencils;

Geometry set;

3A4 hardcover copies ;

1 memory stick;

2 highlighter pens

3 whiteboard markers

1 pritt stick,

1 small scissors.

30cm ruler

A4 envelope folder


Book Rental:30euro(20 if deposit already paid)

Expenses:60.00 euro per pupil.

Expenses cover: 24 Hour Insurance Cover with Allianz; Photocopying; Homework Journal; Art & Crafts materials, Dance, Assessments.

All money is to be put in an envelope with the child’s name clearly marked and paid in the office where a receipt will be issued. Please state whether the money is for book rental or expenses or both.

Tracksuits to be worn on P.E. days only.

 Please ensure that your daughter’s name is clearly marked on her tracksuit top and her jumper/cardigan as these items are constantly mixed-up or mislaid.

School lunches will be available as usual for your child when she returns to school on 29th August, 2019.

Tracksuit to be worn on P.E. days only.