Junior Infant Parents

  • Homework for Junior Infants will be written daily on whiteboard outside main door .


  • Each week your child will be learning a new letter which will be in her letter folder. Please ensure your child says the name and sound of the new letter five times each night. Also, list items/objects beginning with this letter & encourage your daughter to repeat these. This letter folder must be brought to school daily.



  • Every Monday your child will have a new nursery rhyme in her folder. Please ensure that your child says this rhyme nightly and sequence the events e.g. what happened first, then next. All given rhymes must remain in this folder and be brought to school daily.


  • Your daughter now has word cards with high frequency words written on them. We will be focusing on 3 words each week. Please encourage your child to name each letter in the word, sound out the word if possible and read the word. Wordcards must be brought to school each day in her wordcard folder.


  • Please check your child’s home school folder each night for notes and dispose of the notes that have been read.


  • As you are aware your child has many books some of which will not be completed by the end of the school year as our teaching is dictated by the curriculum and not by the books.


  • From now on, on wet mornings the Junior Infants will assemble with the rest of the school in the halla before they enter the classroom at 8:50.


  • If your daughter is absent from school on a given day(s), please inform the teacher of the reason for this absence .